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Valentines Day, Schmalentines Day

Obviously, this isn't me and my sweetie. Photo credit:

Obviously, this isn’t me and my sweetie. Photo credit: Mindless Creativity Studios


The madness is everywhere.

I visit Walmart about 3 times a week because I’m so forgetful. It’s like Walmart threw up love. Red, pink and white everything is everywhere. Balloons, candy, teddy bears, chocolate, cookies, cards, flowers. Not only Walmart, but it’s talked about on the radio, TV commercials are heavy on the jewelry ads, couples walking around are SUPER affectionate, you know how it goes.

Friends have asked me if I’m going to celebrate “Single Awareness Day”, which just makes me laugh. I don’t need a holiday to celebrate my singleness. I’m aware that I’m single. Every day, thank you. No national celebration needs to point that out for me. There’s no need for me to take one day to celebrate this state of relationship because in a way, I do every day.

Instead of wallowing and wearing all black and throwing an “I Hate Valentines Day Party”, I plan on celebrating friendship with some of my closet girlfriends. Even as a single person, I can definitely still celebrate the holiday with people that I love, there’s just more of them! What an amazing way to celebrate such an intimate holiday, with those who I love!

Speaking of spending time with that person that you love so much, how much time are you spending with Jesus?

I’m not here to call anyone out, because I’d only be calling myself out. It’s easy to get caught up in the person that’s physically with us. Someone we can see and feel their love. Not so easy to do that with God, but I challenge you during this time of love, to remember the greatest love of all. Jesus.

He died for you. And for me. Actually the entire world, every single person that has lived on this earth and will live on this earth. It’s crazy to fathom a love so deep like that. I mean, I love my cat to death, but not like how Jesus loves me. I love my parents and my brother intensely, but not as much as the intense and jealous love that He has for me.

Don’t over think it, there’s mystery to it for a reason. It keeps us in awe of who HE is. As the seconds, days, months and years pass, the more pieces you can put together, but you still don’t really know what the complete puzzle looks like. And that’s okay.

Jesus loves me for me. And one day, He’ll bring someone amazing into my life that compliments me in all the right ways. But until then, I will focus on the love that He shows me. I will live to show that love to those around me. It’s really the only thing I can do, to reciprocate my love to Him. Through all my flaws and imperfections, He still chooses me every day. He has shown me what intimacy looks like in a relationship and how incredibly healthy it can be. How it opens doors to be vulnerable with people that you trust and how that can create even deeper, better, fuller relationships.

So this is the love that I will celebrate this week(end) with my lovely friends that He has brought into my life. We  enjoy some really delicious food and a few movies, but most of all, we will be celebrating each other.


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