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The Snowpocalypse

As I walked into work this morning, there were little snow flurries falling from the sky.

Fast forward to 4 hours later to almost an inch of snow, which in Tennessee terms, means schools closing early and everyone calling it a “snowpocalypse.”


As I came back from lunch and walking up the steps into my office, I noticed something beside the white stuff all over the ground–well, it was more the lack of something.

It was quiet. I couldn’t hear anything and it wasn’t just because of the enormous hood I was wearing to keep my ears warm.

That’s one of the things I appreciate about snow. It quietly falls. It’s not like rain, where you can violently hear it. It just falls quietly from the sky. You wouldn’t even notice it if you were inside and weren’t looking out the window.

I believe life can be lived loudly, but there are some moments, where life should be quiet. Where it’s still happening, but it’s just quiet. I know a lot of people these days are uncomfortable with the notion of silence. If it gets awkward, they’ll pull out there phone or attempt to make small talk.

But, in a world that can’t stop talking, we need to take time to enjoy the quiet. The calm. The snow falling.

So on this snow day for the majority of those in the US, take some time to shut the TV off, turn the music down, open the blinds and enjoy the quiet snowfall.

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