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And We Danced

I believe in dancing. Quick call the newspaper! I, Lauren Brooks a Seventh-day Adventist Christian, believe in dancing.

As a Christian, dancing is somewhat of a controversial topic. There has to be a breakdown of what’s okay and what’s not. Usually, to be safe you just hear “Just don’t do it” because that’s easier than having a committee sitting down and discussing what form of dancing is appropriate and what is inappropriate.

I love music and I believe it was created to speak to the soul.

Hillsong United is part of the Hillsong Church in Australia. I still remember the first time I heard their United We Stand album with my brother. It changed my life because I experienced a different kind of worship than I was used to, that involved an hymnal.

As the Hillsong Church continues to grow, they are branching out and reaching even more people with different genres of music–yet all still worship. Bring to the front Hillsong Young and Free.


More influenced by electronic and hip hop, Hillsong Y&F is reaching those who are into this kind of music. They are reaching others right where they are. This is why their ministry is so powerful.

Their album, We Are Young and Free, was just released on Tuesday and I can’t get enough of it. And you know what?

It makes me want to dance. I want to blast this music through loud speakers and jump up and down.

Am I crazy? It’s quite possible.

But I wouldn’t be dancing just to dance. I would be dancing to celebrate being alive. Life. Jesus’ life. What He sacrificed for me. What He’s done for me. Celebrating all of who JESUS is.

And not only would I be dancing, but I would singing at the top of my lungs the words to the songs. The words to these songs are so powerful.

Let the music play
Hear us praise Your name
See the darkness fade
Dance the night away
We have found our place
In the Saviour’s grace
Dance the night away
Your light is taking over me

Your light is taking over me
Your light is taking over me
I’m dancing ’cause
Your love has set me free
Your light is taking over me

These lyrics make me want to sing them at the top of my lungs. I’m dancing ’cause Your light is taking over me. 

One of the pictures of heaven I have is this huge dance party. I’m not even sure what the music is like, but we’re all there, together. Laughing, hugging, smiling, crying. We’re all so happy because it’s then, we understand even better what Christ as done for us. But we’re not sitting around doing those things. No, we’re dancing.

We dance because we’re young and free.

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