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Expectation is the root of all heart break

Disclaimer: This blog post is going to be really raw.

Expectation is the root of all heart break. Has anyone experienced this? Where you expect something from someone because you would do it for them, and then they don’t and you’re disappointed beyond what you ever imagined?

I’ve had numerous friendships that have ended and ended badly. I’ll admit, I believe that part of the reason why it did was because of the expectations I had for them.

You know how we’ve all pretty much been brain washed about a fairy tale ending? Well I had something unrealistic about how my friends should be. I always expected them to do as much as I would, and most of the time even more.

I would expect them to read my mind about what I was feeling instead of communicating that with them. And the expectation that I had set in place was set too high. Almost impossible for others to reach.

Not to say that I’m the only one to blame in previous failed friendships because I will acknowledge there were things on both sides, but I’m understanding that I have this awareness of what I do “wrong.”

So now that I have this awareness, my next step is to dig deeper into my life and find the places where the bar was set high. To find the origin of where the bar was set so high for me to make me feel like I had to set the bar high for comparison.

This will change my friendships. I’m sure of it.

Though I know this is another journey I’ll be on for sometime, I’m blessed for the friends that have stuck next to me through all of this. I’m also blessed because I know that Christ’s love covers me. Always. Not only that, but He’s always with me.

In the times of feeling alone and where no one cares, I feel Him in my life, by friends reaching out or a song that just speaks to my soul. He is always there. And His expectation of my life is never too high for me to reach.

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