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A Healthier Year

In the spirit of a New Year, I want to welcome you back to my blog.

Three days ago, two friends of mine and I decided to challenge ourselves. We were already consciously eating better over the holidays, but we wanted another challenge: no sugar for three days.

Was it hard? Yes and no.

Yes, because I love sugar. No, because it was only three days AND I had a group to keep me accountable. Just a group text message to reach out to those that were on my side and commiserating with me. But what made it simple was defining what was bad sugar. Let’s face it–there’s sugar in almost everything, but some of it isn’t bad for you. For example, sugar you find in fruit isn’t bad for you. It’s the stuff they add into things that end up being bad for you.

Here’s a great example:


I went to the grocery store to restock my oatmeal. I get this kind because it’s easy to make at home or at work. I like all the flavors, especially the apples and cinnamon. Since I was on the no sugar challenge, I looked at the nutritional facts and what did I find? This kind of oatmeal had 10g of sugar, when the classic one had 1g. I quickly brainstormed with my friends over text and got the idea of making my own. I bought the classic, went to the produce section and bought a few granny smith apples. The next day for breakfast, I had my own Apples and Cinnamon oatmeal with real apples and real cinnamon with 8g of natural sugar.

If you’re planning on changing something about your life this year, whether it be reading your Bible more, getting more sleep, working out every day–whatever your resolutions or goals are–find people to keep you accountable that are also doing something to change their lives. This will ensure a better chance of actually accomplishing your goals!


Here’s to change in 2015!

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