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Transitioning from Grief to Peace


A word that means change. But don’t freak out. Transitions are inevitable. 

The other night, I was discussing our transitions that we were experiencing. Marriage. Graduation. New Job. Looking for a job. Friends changing.

Just to name a few. And none of them are bad.

Everyone experiences the change of a transition and we don’t all react the same way. For some, change is welcome. For other, change is one of the scariest things someone could go through.

I’m realizing the point where I am in my life is just full of transitions. I’m living on my own, I just graduated, I’m looking for a full time job, friends are moving away and friends are getting in relationships, engaged or married while I am still single. My life is a state of transition.

My friend made the comment that through these transitions comes grief. Although she’s happily married, she’s grieving single life. Although I’m ecstatic to finally have graduated, I’m grieving my college life. Being a grown up isn’t as awesome as one would think.

And though life is incredibly scary right now because of all the change is uncertainty, I know I’m not alone.

Grief.  It’s an overwhelming feeling that I constantly have. Peace. A feeling that I want more of.

I’m in this constant battle of accepting where I am in my transition and fighting for what I want and where I want to be. I know that I will find a job in right time. That I will be able to relate to my friends in these relationships because I can’t right now. That I will have peace. But right now, I’m in this battle and I have to fight. There are times when I can fight on my own, but then there are times when I can’t. I just can’t.

I’ve found that when I’m honest about my brokenness, it gives permission to others to talk about their brokenness.

What changes or transitions are you going through and how are you handling them?

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