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How 2013 Changed My Life

If there was one word to describe 2013, it would be change.

I graduated from college. I worked multiple jobs. I lost a number of good friends. I turned 23. I loved my jobs. I grew more into the person I am today. I traveled to different parts of the nation. I helped others grow and find themselves. I struggled with finding a full time job after graduating. I led in seminar. I watched my little brother graduate college. I made new friends–lifelong friends. I cried, many times–tears of joy and tears of pain. I lost my way a couple times. I got my first, full time job. I tried new things. I put myself out there. I saw most of my favorite artists in concert. I risked. I hurt after hearing my mom’s diagnosis with Parkinson’s Disease. I got braces again. I worshiped with thousands at a Hillsong United concert. I became comfortable in my own skin.

Needless to say, a lot happened in the last year.  If this year hadn’t happened the way that it did, I have no idea what my life would look like, besides much different. I was active in pursuing growth, change, accepting what just is, learning from my mistakes and taking risks. I can’t believe the amount of change and transition that I dealt with.

Two thousand and thirteen was a year I’ll never forget. My life changed. I helped change other people’s lives. It was incredible.

In thinking of all the things that happened this last year, I’m looking forward to what this next year, 2014, will bring. There’s a million questions running through my mind of what will happen. Will I grow even more? What does 24 years old look like? What unique traveling will I do this year? What will my relationships look like? Will there be more new ones? Will I be prepared for those? How much more change will I go through in this next year? What will my job look like after working for a year? What new things will I risk, try, attempt, succeed at? What awesome concerts will I go to? Will I meet anyone famous? Will my mom’s condition worsen? Will I finally be able to get ahold of my condition? Is 2014 the year, I’ll date again? Will I start my masters? How will my relationship with God change for the better?

In 2013, I know I made mistakes. I learned from them, all of them in some way or another. I learned (and am still learning) to be a better communicator. To be able to tell those close to me, how they can better love me and how I can better love them. I’ve learned and continue ask for what I want.

I predict that 2014 will be another life changing year. It also helps to have the complete support and encouragement from the solid and legit people in my life. I can’t thank those people enough. They have changed my life for the better.

Here’s to 2014 and all that it’ll bring!

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