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Cleaning up the mess

Lately, my life has been a chaotic mess.


I’m ready for life to calm down a bit. To be able to get into a routine.

I was impressed this morning while walking from my car to work, that my relationships–especially communicating has taken a toll. First, I want to apologize to anyone who has felt this. I sincerely apologize if I have hurt you in any way.

Second, I want to challenge you–those of you who are my friends–if there is something that’s in between us, please tell me. Now, you don’t all have to do it at once–but if there is something that I did, that you think has negatively affected our relationship, please tell me. If I said something that hurt you and you didn’t tell me. Tell me now. If I committed to something and forgot about it or backed out and that hurt your feelings. Tell me now. Even if you think it’s something stupid or little and isn’t really a big deal. Tell me now.

Be honest.

There have been a lot of messes in the news for as long as I can remember. The one thing we always learned in our public relations classes was to be transparent.

So this is my attempt at being transparent.

There are few things in life to me that are more important than my friendships.

I’ve never lived close enough to see family all the time, and because of that, my friends became my family. This is no excuse.

I’ve started over a lot with friends. Either we lost touch or stopped being friends because of something that got in the way and we let it get too big to forgive and forget. And I hate the reminders of the friendships I’ve lost–mostly because I failed to communicate.

The friendships I have now, are important. There’s a reason you’re in my life. You are important.

Call me. Text me. Let’s spend some time together.

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One comment on “Cleaning up the mess

  1. Proud to be your friend, Lauren. 🙂


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